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Midwestern State University "Mustang Plaza, Mustang Walk and New University Quad"

Built:     2018 - 2019

Budget:     Undisclosed

Location:     Midwestern State University | Wichita Falls, Texas

Midwestern State University selected KDC Associates to perform site planning studies and recommendations for the development of numerous campus improvements.  Among the recommendations was the development of a comprehensive site plan surrounding new academic buildings, development of a new campus quad, and the staged elimination of vehicular access in campus by modifying roadways to pedestrian avenues.  KDC Associates created a new central quad featuring four monumental scale bronze mustangs as they collectively splash through the "spring of education".  Each mustang symbolizes a year of a student's educational experience at MSU.  The freshman mustang is cautious and pensive.  The sophomore mustang is fully in the water and moving forward.  The junior mustang is sprinting as she can see the shoreline in the future, and the senior mustang is leaping out of the spring and into the next stage of his life.  KDC Associates retained noted western sculptor Vic Payne to create the mustangs.  Roadways were removed in the surrounding campus and replaced with brick paved pedestrian malls, and xeric landscapes were installed around new buildings.  

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