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Historic Restoration + Improvements of CCC/WPA Amphitheater

Built:     Original Construction in 1939  |  Renovation in 2019 - 2020

Budget:     Undisclosed

Location:     Big Spring, Texas

Built during the CCC/WPA programs of the Great Depression, the Amphitheater in Big Spring, Texas was the 2nd largest outdoor amphitheater built during that era.  It's 6,500 seat capacity was intended to serve what was then anticipated to be the largest municipality in West Texas.  Built entirely out of locally quarried limestone, the site has hosted events of all types for 80 years without any major modifications.  When a committee representing citizens and the municipality began to look at remodeling the site to host modern events and meet ADA standards, KDC Associates was selected to lead the renovation and design team.  Carefully using the same locally quarried stone, the new design allows for expansive handicap ramping into the top and bottom portions of the site, including the stage.  Over 40 new ADA parking spaces were required to meet code, and extensive handrails of corten steel were utilized for the ramps and step areas.  Plans call for a new corten and stone stage cover with brilliant stage lighting and acoustical equipment.  Currently under the first phase of construction, the site is anticipated to be completed in 2020/2021.

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