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To help in the protection, understanding, and enhancement of the environment was the driving reason behind the founding of KDC Associates in 1994.  We believe that our firm can actively help in getting the general public to better understand the complex interactions between man and nature in the ecosystems surrounding us.  No profession is better trained to do this than landscape architects.  Our education in the applied principles of engineering, architecture, natural resource management, art, and sociology allows landscape architects to take leading roles in the education and protection of our environment.

Nature preserves, wetland habitats, riparian systems, and prairie restoration all fall within KDC's environmental experience.  We can also assist in the study, design and enhancement of our natural areas, and the firm routinely offers its assistance in teaching and public speaking opportunities to public schools, community organizations, and universities.  Water conservation and habitat preservation are beginning to play an important role in our day-to-day lives, and it is crucial that current and future generations have a better grasp as to how human interaction with the environment affects us all.

We like to tell our ecological clients that "everythingisconnectedtoeverythingelseifweknowitornot"!  Use the passion and resources of KDC Associates to help protect or enhance natural sites that are important to all of us.

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