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employment opportunities with KDC Associates


KDC Associates is a design office with an extremely diverse project portfolio.  Our work is constantly shifting from very large sites to very small sites...from clients with unlimited budgets to clients with very tight budgets.  You may very well find yourself working on a large municipal park project, helping to master plan a university, visiting a desert wetland habitat, consulting with civil engineers about slope and runoff coefficients, and showing a concept of a contemporary swimming pool design to a homeowner...all in the same day!

Our current primary office is in Midland, Texas.  We are NOT the I-35 Corridor.  We are in the land of the Llano Estacado, entrepreneurs, oil and gas, engineers and geologists, cattle ranching, immense private wealth, and a general lack of understanding of the environment around us.

Still Interested?

KDC Associates is always looking for talent....young or old, male or female, green, blue, red, or orange.  If you have a degree in landscape architecture, civil engineering, architecture, or a related field and think you could fit your way into an award-winning boutique firm, then we welcome your resume.

Please email your resume, portfolio, work history, and dreams for your future to:

attention:  Carol Cook

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