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The Spring

KDC is proud to have been entrusted to develop plans for the historical preservation, restoration, and educational development of one of the more interesting sites in Texas.

Visited by humans for hundreds, if not thousands of years, this historical spring was vital in the development of man on the Texas frontier. The springs created a "crossroads of cultures" in this arid region and was frequented by the Unnamed, then the Apache, Spanish, Mexicans, Kiowa, Comanche, Europeans, Texans, and finally U.S. troops trying to settle the region. It's location allowed the railroad to chart a route across the Texas plains and prairie, and eventually was responsible for the development of many of the towns and cities that developed in western Texas. Highway 80 and then Interstate 20 eventually followed the route that the railroad had charted. The spring was pumped dry in the early 1900's by the railroad as well as area wells. The unique ecosystem gradually degraded and lost interest of the majority of the public during the 20th century.

Now, in the 21st century, some forward-thinking individuals and municipal leaders have endeavored to redevelop the spring and it's surrounds. KDC's design will call for the selective clearing of invasive juniper and for the redevelopment of the indigenous short-grass prairie that once fed hundreds of thousands of buffalo coming to the spring for it's precious water. Water will again seep up out of the ground and overflow into the original pool basin, creating a lush micro-wetland in the middle of harsh western Texas. Informative signage and carefully designed observation decks will allow visitors to learn the history of the region and of the spring. A plaza will be set aside to host community events. Construction materials will be selected that will be easily maintainable, sustainable, and aesthetically fitting of the site. Architecture inspired from nearby original CCC construction will allow the redeveloped site construction to appear far older than it actually is, and last for many decades to come.

The spring will no longer be forgotten. The legends and history of the site will help bring this spring to the forefront of creative urban projects undertaken by municipalities in Texas. The ghosts of those past will smile.

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