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Strong Sites....And Stronger People

Things change. It’s inevitable. Time imperceptibly moves around us like a ghost, always present but rarely seen. It wears on everything around us, including us, and it will always win. Because of this, we should design our sites with materials and workmanship that will sustain itself against the elements…against the wind, the rain, the sun, the cold, and the most damaging element of all – our fellow man.

Our projects will fail with time. The pyramids, however magical and immense, are not what they once were. Time will always win, and we cannot change that. We can, however plan for the effects of time, and thereby minimize or delay the damage that it incurs upon our sites. Sites with strong foundations can be rebuilt.

Likewise, when we raise up our children, we need to raise them so that they will have the strong foundation and structure to sustain themselves when life’s elements turn against them. An inner constitution of steel and stone will still remain when the fragile outer fabric of our day to day lives is damaged.

Our lives will, in the end, be lost to time. We cannot alter that. But during time’s reign from birth to death, we can design and begin to build strong foundations for our children. Once those foundations are laid, and once their morals and character are set, they can then become their own architects and build their own lives. The challenges of life will attack and wear on them, but that strong foundation will not fail them.

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